If you have a question for the MREC NedMec, you can ask the employees of the secretariat. 

Please always check our news section for up-to-date information on contact details and the availability of our employees.

E-mail uitklapper, klik om te openen

  • METC NedMec can be reached via the e-mail address
  • Individual SUSAR notifications can be submitted  by e-mail via
  • METC NedMec would like to receive other safety information via

If you wish to consult with us, then please describe your question in your e-mail, and provide the telephone number on which we can contact you. We will answer your question as soon as possible, either by phone or via e-mail.

Locations uitklapper, klik om te openen

  • Heidelberglaan 100
    3584 CX  Utrecht
  • Plesmanlaan 121
    1066 CX Amsterdam

Participating institutions: UMC Utrecht, Prinses Máxima Centrum for pediatric oncology and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

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